“The truth shall set you free and don’t ever deny it. It’s an amazing feeling.”- Ben Hundley.

Dearest family,
It’s an undeniable fact that the truth can never be denied. It manifests itself in mysterious ways we don’t understand. I will never forget the time my brother, Ben made this statement. The words are so powerful that they make someone reflect on what honesty truly is, and every single thing about truth. It is sometimes hard to give a complete picture about truth, or how it feels. There’ve been times when I have really wanted to be brutally honest, but then I feel I’ll hurt the feelings of those around me. We often don’t want to be told the truth especially if we would be emotionally broken. As Christians, we need each other. 1 Thessalonians 5:11 calls for encouragement. We have to encourage each other in the faith, and one of the ways we can help encourage and strengthen ourselves is via honesty. If we are not honest, then we are not helping each other out for this is one of our primary duties. I think we have to cultivate a spirit of being unapologetically outspoken about the things that matter most to our neighbors. Once, I met a Nicaraguan exchange student who felt so insecure about himself, reason that he had an accent and worse, worked at the campus caffetariat. These feelings and thoughts of inferiority complex were engraved on his mind that he felt bad talking about where he worked, and more often than not, would associate negativities with his job. Whenever I talked to him and his job was mentioned, he would cringe and say, “yeah, my mean job… It’s bad, I know… No girl would love me for that.” At first, I bore the sigh comments, but later I felt I had to let him know he wasn’t suppose to think that way. He’s suppose to be thankful for everything because there’re millions of jobless citizens around us.It was hard for me, for I had no idea about his background and the struggles he goes through being a foreign exchange student in The United States. As time went by, these feelings kept bubbling inside. I kept maintaining a positive attitude and assumed all was fine till one day, I couldn’t hold it any longer. When he brought it up this time, I became very honest with him and tried persuading him there’s nothing wrong with working at a caff. When I finally released the tension within me, I felt a heavy burden lifted off my shoulders. From then on, things became different and he learned to appreciate the little things he had, and cherished his job. That said, imagine what his life would have been if he continued to live in fear of rejection…
By being honest, he understood there’s no reason for him to think the way he did. The good thing about honesty is the fact that it unites us irrespective of what or who we are. Beyonce once said,“Honesty is the glue that ties us together.”
When we are honest with one another, we tend to build even better relationships, and above all, let love and peace surround us. Honesty, to me, is therefore the key to most friendships and relationships.

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Writing to inspire. Passionate about social justice, sexuality, faith, politics, data analysis, medicine and military.

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