Living as a sinner in Christ


Have you ever felt like you’re drowning in the middle of the ocean, screaming for help and nobody’s coming? Well, I have felt that way so many times in my life, especially after deserting God for worldly pleasures. I’ve fallen so many times and have felt deserted because of my sins. There are so many things I have taken delight in, especially worldly things. I often thought I knew Christ and The Bible, and could never be challenged but I have been challenged so many times. My challenges came from my life as a Christian; proving myself as the true disciple of Christ that I claim to be. Living life as a follower of Christ isn’t as easy as it seems. It comes at a price. There are so many times when I have had to sacrifice my resting time, my study time, my party time and all the precious moments I really love. You see, it’s one of those prices I pay for loving Christ. It’s true I am not perfect. I fall short of His glory: I sin, I curse, and do all sorts of evil things, yet He still loves me and cherishes me. He accepts me just as I am. I wonder if I’d ever have a friend who’ll accept me for my faults, and my wrongs. I understand I’m human, but does that mean I’m going to keep falling short of His glory? Sometimes when I’m lonely, I just sit in my little room, by the corner and ask myself if I’m right for the kingdom of God. If God came to the world today, would I be among the chosen ones? I dread being in hell. I don’t want to think of myself being with the fiend. It sucks!!! I won’t deny that sin is really pleasurable. There’s much pleasure in sin, but the saddest part of it is it leads to doom. It’s not easy to stay clear off temptation. I’ve been tempted so many times in my life and I have fell in some while I haven’t in others. For me, falling isn’t the most important thing here. It’s rising again. I often repeat to myself I won’t fall again, I won’t give the devil a chance, but it’s not been easy. Some days have really been a struggle for me. I’ve had to wrestle with so many things: selfish desires, worldly pleasures, material things, and evil thoughts. It’s been a hard time to sometimes acknowledge that my true freedom comes from Christ. I don’t know about you friends, but honestly, listening to Christian music helps in so many ways. I think there are amazing artists like Nicole C. Mullen, Cece Winnans, and Ron Kenoly, who greatly inspire me to know that this earthly journey is temporal and the right time will come when I’ll enjoy life in all its fullness with God, in paradise. Thanks to these people, I strive everyday to live the life that Christ lived, knowing and believing that on that day, I’ll join Him with the angels to praise God for eternity.

In conclusion, I’d say one of my main motivators to living a sin-free life is this phrase that I keep repeating to myself, “The time will come when we will all stand together in unity, with our sins atoned, worshipping our glorious and merciful God… Never forget that day for it definitely will come.” Always remember brothers and sisters, that we are living this earthly life for the glory of someone else, God our loving and merciful father. So, it’s always best to think well and make sure we act in accordance to His will in order to acquire greater wisdom.

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Writing to inspire. Passionate about social justice, sexuality, faith, politics, data analysis, medicine and military.

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